Independent Editing of Textures


To moderators: Being new to this forum I’m not sure if this is the right place for this.

Using the example of a floor, I want to place marble tiles of a particular size in one room and of a different size in an adjacent room. Thing is, when I place the tiles in the second room they are the same size as the first room and any editing also affects the first room’s tiles. So in general, how do I edit textures independently for different areas. I hope I have described this correctly.

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You can create a duplicate material that you can edit independently. While you have the marble tile material selected, create new material (icon with little plus sign in Material Window) and use this new material to change size.



Thank you for the response. :smile:

So if I understand correctly, let’s say I have a texture called ‘marble tile’. I used and edited that for room 1. I want the same texture for room 2 but I want to edit it so the tiles are larger. Do I then simply make a duplicate of the texture and name it ‘marble tile 2’ ?

In other words, does SketchUp work on the basis of the name of the texture whereby if ‘marble tile’ is used multiple times then any editing for whichever area is going to affect all other areas simply because it’s the same name texture?




Yes, but it’s not just the name, it is an entirely new material file (skm). The same way you can not have 2 files with the same name in the same location.



Ok, I will try it and let you know the results. If not today then tomorrow. :smile:


Yes, through some trial and error I’ve gotten the editing working on various things before. For example, I’ve gotten glass transparency to look just right. :smile:

Thank you to both.



You don’t necessarily have to create another texture. You can use the Position Texture tool (right-click > Texture > Position) to scale individual instances of the same texture. You can then use either scaled variant by using Alt-Bucket to sample one or the other and then applying it to a new face.



Thanks, it all worked well.

And thank you Gully_Foyle. Yes, I also began working with the positioning feature and it does help a lot. :smile:

While I’ve gotten the textures part going thanks to the comments here, now I’m working on trying to get colors on the walls. I can do it, but sometimes when I adjust the RGB in editing it doesn’t seem to take or it affects color on the adjoining wall. Anyway, I’m sure I will figure that out.

Thanks to all. :smile:



The Position Texture Feature, by right clicking is very helpful. Scaling is just one of the four options it will allow you to modify textures with.