Incorrect Y coordinates when exporting to dwg or dxf

When exporting SKTUP file to DWG or DXF the vertical ordinate is ad random not correct.
For example a rectangle 100/50 turns out to be a 96/50.
I did several test with other cross section and at random it sometimes was correct but most were incorrect.

A colleague -professional SKTUP user had the same experience and therefore I found it necessary to post.
Is there a solution?
Is it only in the decimal units?
As it is a tricky bug and not expected to occur it is worthwhile to solve.
Thank you for your attention

Do you have your camera set to a standard view, like Top, and set to Parallel Projection.

Yes I did top -parallel projection

Can you share a SketchUp that has this problem so we can try?

While set…try zoom extents and then export.


Lprofile 100-50-5.skp (178.3 KB) Lprofile 100-50-5.dxf (43.5 KB)

In attachment the SKTUP and DXF file

then export.

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With Camera set to Parallel Projection and the Standard Top View selected, I exported a DXF from your SketchUp file and opened it in Draftsight. Looks correct to me.

The dimensions come out correctly on mine. I would have to surmise you hadn’t set the Top view after setting the camera to Parallel Projection.

When opening the model file you shared, I find the Camera is set to Parallel Projection.
However, the Camera is far from being oriented to Top View.

Camera Position Upon Opening The Model

Correct Top View - Parallel Projection

@Geo, what do you use to get that dialog? I’ve forgotten.

Thank you all!
When effectively the camera is set to pan H in combination with top view and parallel projection it works perfect!

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It’s a very old plugin I found at the Ruby Library Depot years ago.
Looking in the .rb itself, it’s dated 2004

It seems the Ruby Library Depot site is down at the moment.
Or perhaps it’s gone? Ruby Library Depot

Here’s the plugin: camera_parameters.rbz (1.4 KB)


Super !