Incorrect reading and writing of measurement numbers

Hi, my name is Massimo and I use SketchUp 2017 version 17.3 and since I got Mac OS Sonoma it always works well except that when I take measurements the numbers are as if they were written in the mirror: is there a way to solve this problem?
Thank you

This has been reported before. Evidently a problem with the Mac graphics drivers for some GPUs in newer versions of the OS. I think the solution would be to roll the Mac OS version back to one that was actually supported by SketchUp 2017. Or use a current version of SketchUp.You could use SketchUp Free in your browser. It doesn’t have this issue.

Thanks for your prompt response. In fact, it works fine with an iMac with a previous version of the OS.
So it would be unsolvable with the current Mac OS version: is the version to be used in the browser - Safari - free and easy to use?

What is the internet address where I can use the free version on the web? Thank you!

Well, unless Apple fixes it, yes.

It is free for hobby users such as yourself. Although the user interface is different the tools work the same way. There are some new tools since 2017. will get you there.

Thank you so much. Okay, but the projects created in Safari on the Trimble site, if I download them on the Mac it opens UP but tells me that I need the 23 version - I have the 17 -, there is the possibility of purchasing the latest version and having it on my desktop MacBook Pro?

Yes. You can get a subscription to SketchUp 2023 Pro at

@Maximus : be aware that SketchUp Pro 2023 does not yet support Sonoma! Some people have reported problems here but there are also people who don’t experience any…

Thanks for the information!

@tweenulzeven is correct but at least there’ve been no reports of inverted or reversed dimension text withSketchUp 2023 on Sonoma or other Mac OS versions.

What are you modeling? If you are going to go ahead and get SketchUp Pro, you will also have LayOut which generally has better dimensioning capability.

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The upside down text seems to happen when using a Mac with an external monitor. I think I reported the problem to Apple a few years ago. I’m doubtful that they will ever fix the issue.

That’s right: if I use it with my MacBook Pro everything is fine; if I use it with my 27 inch iMac it reverses the measurement numbers. Great Colin!

Understood as monitor my iMac

I confirm: they didn’t solve it!

That’s what I told you yesterday.