Incomplete solids



I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. Using sketchup free web based version. Previous user of the desktop app free version for many years. Needed to design something tonight, loaded up sketchup free and for whatever reason, I can’t seem to create solids with ease.

As an example, I created a square 3mmx3mm. In the center of this, I created another of 1.5mmx1.5. I need the 1,5 to remain as a center hole, so this is a place holder to expand the larger square to extend 10mm. Creating a square cylinder. When I do this, my 0,0,0 end doesn’t seem to have a filled in end piece. And now I can’t seem to remember, but I thought even 2d / plane shapes were white on both sides. When I create any shape, it’s always blue on one side and white on the other. Really bizarre as I’ve never seen it do this unless I’m creating some unique shapes and forget to close a section.

any info / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Does it help if you model at larger size and then scale down? SU isn’t very good with small things.


No, doesn’t seem to help. To test, tonight I just started a new file using regular inches. Drew a square about 100in by 100in, which came out with a blue surface on one side and the white on the other (Again, thinking this is not how it’s been in the past where each solid face should be white on either side). Drew a second square in the center of about 50in x 50in. Extruded the outer box up to 100in or so and checked at the 0/Y side and it didn’t leave a solid face, completely empty on the outer box portion where I extruded.


I should note, I ruled out a browser issue. Loaded it up in IE, which has never loaded up the sketchup web app before, had the same issue there.


There is no such thing as a solid face. A solid must have thickness. All faces have a back and front, white front, blue/gray back.

Delete the inner square before you pull up and the face will form.


The different coloured default faces are deliberately different so that you know which is front and which is back (for some uses it is important to get that right). SU doesn’t always “decide” correctly which is which, so you sometimes have to use Reverse Face to make it come right.

This is my attempt at making your square cylinder:


Thanks man, that’s exactly what I have been doing and for whatever reason it has been leaving the bottom face on the outer bounding box empty after i extrude the height. Today though, it seems like it’s actually making solid bottoms on it when I extrude. I don’t know why it hasn’t been working for the last couple of days, unless there was just some oddity going on in the web based version. From the screencap you shared, it looks like you’re actually using the app.

Oh well, i’m going to chalk it up to just a bizarre bug that seems to be resolved now.