Why are some boxed in areas blue some are not?


I am drawing a floor plan, two identical closets, I have not cut the doors in yet one is blue inside the other just has the plain background. Same effect in some of the other areas. Why does this happen and can I clear it?

I do understand that when you box in an area that it forms a surface but most of my boxed in areas do not have surfaces, or they just are not visible?


you are probably creating reversed faces, right click on one of them and select the reverse faces from the context menu.(multiple selection works too)

You can select a correct face then right click to and select orient to orientate all connected raw faces

if in doubt…right click is a good motto to get context options, within sketchup this varies with number of items selected and object type

if you are going to push pull them later, then the face will correct its self. Its good practice to correct any stray ones as your model becomes more advanced, as face orientation effects how you display materials


Since this comes up, I would like to know the reason why SU 2015Pro consequently makes back faces up here. Rectangles, circles, simple line-work in red/green plane, and always backside up…?

Feels very unnatural to me - and extra work…
Up must be front side. Yes ?

And yes, it will correct itself with push-pull, but…
(Don’t have that with SU8.)
Any ideas?


It assumes you want to make a 3d shape when you create a face, so it makes the back side up so when you pull it into 3d it is the right way around.


As you draw Edges (lines) SketchUp automatically creates a Face when Edges meet certain conditions.
When a Face fails to form it’s because one or more of the conditions haven’t been met.

• The Edges form a closed loop.
• All the Edges are coplanar.
• No stray Edges, coplanar with the closed loop, project inside the loop.
• The Edges are not too short, say <.002" in length.

If you inadvertently delete a Face you can heal the Face by simply tracing one of the bounding Edges, endpoint-to-endpoint with the Line tool.


Thanks Box.
Was just wondering about the different outcome (SUPro2015 vs. SU8)
No big deal.
Bit off topic too I guess.


It goes from a blue color to white, neither match the background color of the other 80% of the drawing.


Default faces are white on their front side and blue on their backside.

If all you see is “the background color” within “the other 80% of the drawing”, that would lead us to conclude there are no faces.

When faces fail to form it’s because one or more of the conditions listed above haven’t been met.

Attaching the model file to your next post would help us help you.


I don’t think this depends on the version (but don’t have a v8 to check it).


Geo, how do I attach the model file? It would be best for me to show you guys so that you can see just what I am dealing with so that this does not become a long term problem.


You’ll find the Upload button in the toolbar at the top of the Reply box. Like so…

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