In sketchup pro, why are some boundaried areas blue and others white

In Sketchup Pro, when you close the boundary of an area, why do some areas become blue and others white. Also, when continueing to work, a blue area will sometimes change to white and vice versa? WHat determines the color of the enclosed area.

Do you mean the faces? The area between the edges?
If that is the case the blue colour you are seeing is probably the back face colour, the white is the front face colour. So if you have a cube, all of the outside faces should be white and inside blue.
They will sometimes change depending on what SketchUp thinks is the external face.
You can reverse the face orientation by selecting a face>right click>reverse face.
You should correct this orientation as soon as you see it. It will save you a bit of a mess later on…

Yes, I was referring to the area between the edges, or as you said the
And yes, I was able to change the blue to white by doing the

reverse face technique.
And I know all about how the situation can mess you up later.
So thanks so much Ian.
It was the perfect answer.
Wish I had asked it sooner!

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