In SketchUp Pro 2023, is there an option to scale just one group vs the whole model?

I am attempting to add a floorplan in .png format to an already existing model. However, I am only given the option to rescale the entire model, instead of just the imported image. I attempted to group the image with another object to see if this would permit me to scale only the group, but this did not work. If I choose “yes” to the prompt to “rescale whole model,” it scales the entire model. Do you have any suggestions for how I might resolve this issue?

Place the object you want to rescale inside a group or component. Then open the group or component for editing with a double click or a right click and chose edit. Then perform the rescale operation using the tape measure with the guides turned off on a known dimension and immediately type in the desired dimension. You will be asked if you want to resize just that component, say yes.


As you are using SketchUp 2023, you can right-click on the imported image, and make it be a group. Then go into that group and follow the steps endlessfix gave.

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