In SketchUp 2022 ESC Key has no effect if cursor in component folder path field

When clicking on a component in the component list, then Sketchup attaches the component to the mouse so it can be placed in the viewport. If I do not want to place the component, I press ESC.

Now, since 2022.0, pressing ESC does NOT have any effect anymore, in case the cursor is in the component folder path field.(I click into the folder path field to scroll for instance to the end of a long path).
You have to first click into another field in the component list or elsewhere, so that the ESC key has the desired effect.
As I use the folder path field regularly to check the folder, the not working ESC key is annoying.

A quick fix is much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the report.

@trent I created SU-50554 for this issue!

Pitty it has not been fixed in SketchUp Pro version 2022.0.354 released end of Feb

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