In Layout, the tool bar disappears if I go off of the page

Using a Mac and SU Pro 15.

This just started happening.

I prepare drawing in SU, transfer it to LO. The tool bar header is there but no tools showing, hit menu, delete show toolbar, hit show tool bar. Tool bar appears then if i import drawing tool bar disappears again. Also when I hit import and it takes me to project list, then list is not appearing anymore. (I can’t get the list open to allow for picking a .skp to import.

Thank you

Does View>Restore Default Workspace do anything for you?

What MacOs version exactly? Your profile states OS X…

Hi Dave,

When I click those the options you state are not listed.

My apologies. I was looking at LO on PC. I see it’s not there on Mac.

Is it the toolbar across the top or the utility windows on the side that go missing?

tool bar across top. also just realized that the list of pages does not list any pages anymore, but does show the images if I click on that


Screen shots? Might help.

two screen shots attached. one shows the location of tool bar if I open/close/open - note the pages window on right side of screen

the other shows how it looks if I don’t manipulate
the open/close/open tool bars

Maybe you can run disk utility?

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the suggestion. I guess I’m a little gun shy about computer fixes. My son-in-law thinks he is a computer guru, while I admit to knowing nothing about them, so whenever I ask for help such as your suggestion, I end up with a totally screwed up computer that takes me days to undo his fixes. I have to to write down every step he takes so I can retrace the steps.

What would your suggestion entail?

Hey Guys.

Thank you for the efforts. Problem has resolved itself. Just started going through files that I had used since this started and discovered that when one particular file was open and running in background, this problem would occur on any file in the stack that I happened to have open.
So I printed out a copy of that file so I would I would have a copy of it later if needed, then deleted all info in that file. (broke my heart but didn’t want to upload or save it to backup).

May not be the real issue but now it is back to working.


Glad you got it working!

Thank you for the suggestion, in reading the description of what disc utility did, that is what gave me idea to open files individually and see if one in particular was corrupted. Appreciate it.

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I wonder what it is about that one file that had this impact. Is it a file you can share or is it gone?

I wondered that too, but it is gone.

Oh well…

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