In buying sketchup

Hi i wants to bay sketchup can i bay from sketchup sales department or from any of the sub branches what is more advanceable and can i run sketchup in any of the computer in case my laptop has a break down currently am using?

What does that mean? Can you use translator?

You can buy a license directly on the sketchup website, you can pay with PayPal or credit card, you can also check official sketchup resellers in your country.

Depending on where you are you may need to purchase SketchUp through a reseller. The SketchUp website will direct you to the best place to purchase based on your location.

Oh i never knew, all what am thinking i can bay from Sketchup sales department…That’s another thing with me.

Am in for that to bay from Sketchup sales department directly


SketchUp sells direct to the US. Outside of the US you will likely have to buy from a reseller.

I mean i would like to bay from Sketchup directly…

What country are you currently in?

It doesn’t matter, i don’t in baying from any reseller.

It does matter because, as I siad, SketchUp can only be purchased through a reseller in most countries.

We ca likely tell you who that reseller is if you tell us where you are located.

Am in Italy by the way…

Ok thanks i will bay from the Skp sale department thank you once again

According to SketchUp Partners | SketchUp you can buy from MR SEVICES

Am sorry i can’t bay from any partner at the end of the day when i went back to Africa and then face complications , perhaps there maybe language barrier this can leads to even more complication.

And maybe they might even ask for some pre request documents , which i might not even have…

Uuummm… I am not sure what the African thing came from… but if you want to buy SketchUp outside of North America, you need to contact a reseller.

I don’t live in North America and I got sketchup directly from the website and paid my license with PayPal.

Where do you live, Aaron asked you that to give you a link to a reseller in your country, the information that you’re in Italy for vacations is irrelevant for the purpose of buying a sketchup license, unless you want to buy a license from an Italian reseller company, if you do that the license will work on the country where you live, but I’m not sure if this will be an issue in a year when you’ll have to renew the license.