No reseller in my country

Hi. I’m asking for help. The main problem is that Argentina does not have a reseller anymore starting today Feb 21st. So, how am I going to get the latest version of SketchUp Pro (2019) or others upgrades? Thanks anybody and cheers from Argentina.

You can probably just buy directly from Trimble’s own website. It worked here in Sweden.

Thanks for you opinion. You are right. But I have an existing licence that requires the reseller to send you the activation number when an upgrade is available.

Can’t you contact your old reseller, even if they are in the wrong region?

• Customer Support Center: Contact Sales Support

I have done it but they say that they are not reseller anymore so they can’t send me what I need. I have emailed to Trimble asking for help. Let’s wait and see.

And thanks for your interest.