Where to buy SketchUp license for company in US, but 1 user in Philippines will use it

Dear Sketchup,
I want to buy a Sketchup license for my company based in US, but 1 user in Philippines will use it, could you please tell me where I can buy it? Thank you


No need to double post. the reason why you didn’t get an answer straight away is that it’s morning in europe, and most of the team (like Aaron you pinged) is in Colorado, 8h later. It’s almost 3am there right now.

You can buy a licence on sketchup.com just like anyone else.
The system doesn’t really care where on the planet you are, just that you log into an account with an active subscription.

After getting the licence, you’ll be able to assign seats. one of the seat will be assigned to the account of your employee who’ll have an account made. but you’ll still manage their subscription.

This is a public forum, most of us are not SU employees. if you wish to talk to an actual sales person, you can try there :