Buying sketchup pro UK

Hi! Please help. Id like to buy SketchUp pro. I am based in the UK. So many retailers selling but which is the most official UK retailer? Is sketch Up Pro perpetual the most cost effective way of purchasing. Im a designer and need it for personal and proffesional use. Also not sure about these maintenance costs I need to pay? Any advice out there?

I find CAD SOFTWARE DIRECT a very reliable reseller. Their customer service is very quick to respond with any queries that I have.

Thank you Ian I’ll take at look at them.

Elmtec is the offic. distributor, from their listed resellers I’d recommend Nick Johnson from Cadsoft Solutions, he’s a CAD wiz since decades and knows what he’s doing.

The perpetual license plus 2 years of additional maintenance fee gets cheaper in the long term, the break even is roughly a good 3 years. Additionally, according to a Trimble representative lately here at the forums, the perpetual license might vanish in the foreseeable future.

Can’t remember how but my reseller is

It’s been many years and no problems.

All I ever do is contact them every year to pay for my annual upgrade.