Impossible to create a face


impossible to create the face. All the line touche the another ones and all of theme ares on the same plan


How about sharing the SKP file so we can help you?

Very likely at least one edge is not coplanar with the rest.


You can’t trust the color by axis, you should control the coordinates instead…


Yes, i know all of the point need to be n the same surface. That is why i choosed to add a color by axes for all of the line, to be sure no point are out.
here are the original skp file
hotte.skp (126.3 KB)


As Cotty pointed out, color by axis is not perfect. The endpoints don’t all have the same X value so the edges are not coplanar. Notice also that the two bottom edges are not green.

With all the endpoints on plane, the face forms automatically.


ok thank you.
the pb is that i was not able to find the way to view the absolut coordinate of the endpoint.
Perhaps not possible withe sketcuhmake 8 ?


I assume You mean SketchUp 8.

Yes it is possible to put in the coordinates of the points. It’s done with the Text tool. Before you insert the coordinates, increase the precision of the dimensions. to a few more places beyond the decimal.