Importing Revit IFC files to SketchUp Make?

I need to import IFC files from Revit in to SketchUp. I have SketchUp 16.0 Make, and was able to import a IFC file a month ago, when I has 30 days of Pro free. Can I import the IFC files with the SketchUp Make?

IFC Import is a Pro Only feature.

FYI, The 16.1 maintenance release is out.

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I just read this. I did think this would need Pro to import.

And from what I read, I think the 16.1 maintenance release is for Windows only. Is the release for Mac also?

Of course. See what bugs it fixes, right from the “horse’s mouth”:
SketchUp Knowledgebase: SketchUp Application Release Notes

… then pop on over to the download all page:

EDIT: But I do agree the “General Note” is misleading. It should read “It fixes among other things, a Windows only bug…

Thank you. I will look into it more.

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