Importing Raster vs Vector images

I’m trying to bring in my company logo and spec sheets into my LayOut drawings. Spec sheets are saved as PDFs. I converted the spec sheets into raster images and the company logo is already that file type. However, all the raster images are pixelated, especially when resizing inside or outside of LayOut. I converted the company logo into a SVG (vector file type), but it seems to be unsupported for importing or inserting into LayOut.

Have you tried exporting to see what it looks like in PDF?

I use logos in JPG or PNG all the time. I size them in Photoshop to roughly the right size and make sure the file is 300 pixels per inch.

What you see on screen will look pixelated based on the settings in Document Setup. You can change these if needed. Also make sure your output resolution is set to high for images as well as the regular LayOut export.

If you attach your file I can have a look…


Company logo looks great on exported PDFs. I guess that just leaves Document Setup settings so it doesn’t look pixelated on my screen and the spec sheet images are being imported really big. And like I said, “…especially when resizing inside or outside of LayOut.”

The resolution on the images is set lowin LO to help keep performance up when panning and zooming on the page. You can increase that resolution while editing but low res doesn’t affect the export quality. Are you inserting your spec sheet text as images? Even at high res in the export the text will still be rasterized and not great looking.

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Ok, so it’s just a place holder - just ignore it - you don’t need it to look good in LO if it looks good after export.

Regarding the importing of spec sheets - I also bring in PDFs from engineers and architects for details and specs - never had an issue on export, or resizing.

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Not sure what that bolded bit means. If you use an image editor to properly size the reference image for printing and bring it into LayOut it will look pixelated on the screen until you export. But the original should look fine in Photoshop or similar…

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Search on Google for ‘‘SVG to DXF/DWG’’, or if you can, export DWG directly instead of SVG.

Export a DWG from where? I’m trying to import images into LayOut. I’m wanting to put spec sheets into my drawing sets. The spec sheets are saved a PDFs, but I cannot import PDFs directly into LayOut. There are not DXF/DWG files available that I’m aware of. It’s for the solar industry. Module/panels and inverter spec sheets, also known as datasheets.

If the PDF contains vector line work, open it in Inkscape and export a .dxf to import into LayOut. If the PDF is all raster imagery you can make a screen grab or take a snapshot in Acrobat and import the resulting raster image into LayOut.

Inkscape will also convert .svg files to .dxf if you need to do that.

Or use an online converter as @mihai.s suggested.