Importing photos from iPhone into Sketchup Pro

Since iOS 11 (2018) photos have been in HEIC format. Not a problem for me until know when I want to import a photo. Could it be that a SKU update will address this issue or is there another way please?

It might be that a future version of SketchUp will be able to import HEIC files directly. Until then you can easily create a .png file from the .heic file with most image editors and any number of free online converters. I use Windows and a free image editor called PaintDotNet. It’ll open .heic files with no problem and then Save as… to save a .png or .jpg. Certainly the import option won’t get added to SketchUp 2019 which your profile indicates you are using.


You also have two ways of automatically getting them into jpg instead of HEIC

see this : How to take JPEG pictures on your iPhone instead of HEIC | iMore


  • you can make every photo you take become jpegs, but I wouldn’t go for that option, since HEIC file have their advantages (such as using less memory space)
  • you can set your iphone to export automaticaly as JPG when transferring to a computer.

As you on Mac there is another option. Rename the file to something SketchUp can handle. .jpg, .png, .tif, for example. The trick doesn’t work in the web version, or on Windows, but it seems to on Mac with the desktop version of SketchUp.

Note though that the image may take up a lot of memory, and won’t get around the texture size limits in SketchUp. As soon as you have the image imported you could isolate the bit you really need, then make that be a unique texture, and delete and purge the large whole image.

Hi Colin, well you know what they say about skinning cats!
I’ll certainly try this approach.

Thank you.

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