Importing furniture from files to use in SketchUp for Schools

I have access to some specific furniture files that I would like students to use rather than the ones that are in 3D Warehouse. Is it possible to import them into SketchUp for schools, for students to use in their designs. I have looked but can’t find anywhere that allows me to import these files. Thanks

did you try ‘insert’?


I don’t have access to SketchUp for Schools but on the other web-based versions, you can go to File>Insert and then choose Your Computer. From there it should be possible to navigate to a directory on a local server if the computer is set up to access it.

These screen shots are from SketchUp Shop.

Also, try drag and drop of the SKPs straight to the browser window.

Thanks guys! Insert didn’t even notice it there, clearly a newbie to Sketchup!

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