Importing file to VCarve pro 11

Scalloped panel3.skp (119.0 KB)

I need to carve this panel in Vcarve pro. When I import the file all I get is a rectangle. Help please

Are you just using the SketchUp model for the import?

Im saving it as a 2019 version because vcarve is telling me to

But it is the .skp file you’re importing into VCarve?

yes I am

Does this one work any differently?
Scalloped panel3.skp (105.1 KB)

Have you tried contacting the VCarve folks? Do they have a forum where you can ask?

Thanks I will see if this one works better. I have asked on their forum, but they dont respond as quickly as you

Just tried it, and it says it needs to be saved as version 2019 or older

I expected you would open the file to look at it and then save it as needed.

Just did and it shows up the same as just a rectangle with no profiles

You should contact the VCarve people since it is their program that is having problems.


V carve’s online help files are very good. I have followed the help instructions and got good results.

As I recall there are quite a number of component naming techniques and other parameters to achieve success. It is all laid out in VCarve help files. Good step by step instructions. I began by drawing up a rectangle with 2 different size circles offset so I could tell which side is up. Get that working and progress to more complex parts and more than a single part. VCarve will take the parts apart and flatten the file for you.

Again look at the instructional materials in Vcarve. Asking a variety of questions here and getting a bunch of different answers is most likely not the quickest way to sort the problem.