2023 Version exporting as older version

I have Just downloaded 2023 pro, and cant figure out how to export to my cnc milling program (vcarve pro)

What file type are you trying to “export”? Maybe all you need to do is use File>Save as… and change to an older SketchUp version?

Please update your forum profile with the SketchUp version and correct operating system and GPU.

Thanks, hopefully some sort of dxf or other file that vcarve can read. I just dont see any options for export other than sketchup file or jpg.

Also im now running windows 10. not sure how to update my info

I do not see the ability to save as an older version

Same as it’s always worked. Select File>Export>2D or File>Export>3D and in the Save as Type drop down list, select the file type you want.

Go to File>Save as … and choose the version in the Save as type dropdown list. Again, the same way it has always worked.
Screenshot - 8_17_2023 , 2_28_31 PM

Click on your avatar (the J in the purple circle) in the upper right corner of the forum window. Click on Preferences (the person icon) and click on Preferences again. You shoud be able to figure it out from there.


anorga scalloped panel lay out.skp (233.5 KB)
Is it possible for this scalloped panel to be uploaded in vcarve pro?

Ive tried a couple of times and it just comes through as lines that dont work out