Importing existing models from 3D warehouse into your own collection

Hi there, I’m working for 2 companies at once. The co-worker who worked at, let’s call it company 2 before made a beautiful set of items and added these to the 3D warehouse.
Now I’m working on a collection that contains items for both of the companies. But it seems I can’t add the items from company 2 directly from the Warehouse into the collection of company 1 . The button is simply missing (add to collection)and I can’t find where I can set the items to “open” or something.
To be clear, everybody can find these items and can download these into their drawings but you can’t add them directly to your collection. Where most other items you look can be added directly.

I hope I’m making sense with this and anyone could help me out. Would save a lot work, instead of downloading it into my drawing and from their upload it into 3D warehouse again.\


Collections are controlled by the owner and are a way to organise the actual content of that owner.
You can mark them as ‘favorites’ (whole collection or individual models/product) and if you create a folder, you can add the individual models in that folder. When you do that, you haven’t got acces to the actual uploaded model, you’re simply adding a ‘bookmark’ or ‘shortcut’ into your folder.

Once organised, you can edit your folders and set them to ‘public’, which would turn it into your new collection.
However, you cannot convert ‘verified models’ from manufacturers (eg. ‘Products’) into your own collection, because the Products are not your actual content, but from the verified manufacturer (you only ‘bookmarked’ them).

There is no way to merge two different accounts of manufacturers but as a designer, you could be added to the organisation of both (they both need to be ‘Verified’). You then become a ‘content uploader’ for both with access to bulkuploading models etc.

If you don’t have a verified account yourself, you need to upload all the models one by one and create your own collection.
So it kind of depends if Company 1 & 2 are verified or not, and if they are willing to let you take control.

Thanks for your reply Mike!

That helps!