Organising your own models

Is there a way to store your own models in a collection? So that they are a bit more organised and not just jumbled together.

I haven’t really thought about it for a while … on my Warehouse page there is a “Collections” tab that takes me to a page that has a “Create Collection” option:

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I’ve not tried that (yet); all the collections I’ve seen are other people collecting models from different users: I want to organise my own models…

That does work - you need to create a collection, then individually go to the model summary page to move it into that collection.

However all my models are still jumbled in the “my models” section. It would be nice to make collections into expandable groups on this page.

The models in my collections are my own. I suppose you could rename each of your models to something like:

A - modelname A1
A - modelname A2
A - modelname A3
B - modelname B1
B - modelname B2
K - someothername K1
X - xtraname X1

You can then sort by model name:

But this seems kind of lame …


That is a great way to organize your models. Check out this 3D Warehouse Page for a good example of using collections to organize your models. See below. Just remember, you must be signed in to create a collection.


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But they have 0 models and 5 collections; the option is to “Add to collection” - I had hoped it would “Move to collection”. (“Sort by collection” seems a good idea btw)

I was wondering if anyone else thought the organizational feature of the Warehouse was lacking and I found this. I would REALLY like to see improvements in this area. I’m thinking of something similar to the MS Windows hierarchy system. Drop and drag, view lists or thumbnails, preview pane, ability to rename or tag with personal meaning. The ability to search within the models you have saved, liked, collected. It would be nice to hear other ideas. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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