Creating collections in 3D Warehouse



I must be doing something dumb again!

I am trying to create a collection for my models in EW. When I click on the Collections tab I get an option to Create Collection. If I click on that, I am taken to the page where you select a model or collection and not to the dialog box I would expect and as shown on this help page

Assuming there is a simple way to navigate to the right place, I guess I will be able to make a new collection. If I want to add items from those already uploaded, do I have to do it one by one or can you select a bunch and add them in one hit?

So, my questions are:

  1. How to get to the create collection page/dialog box;

  2. How to batch select for inclusion in a collection.

Error Messages received when attempting d/l from 3dwh

You mean collections in 3D Warehouse.

I can reproduce what you describe, so it is currently an issue in 3D Warehouse: User menu → My Collections shows an extra thumbnail with a red “+” among the existing collections, which should create a new collection but currently opens the model upload dialog (wrong URL?).

Instead, you can go to a model details page, click the red “+” and type a new collection name instead of choosing an existing one. For every subsequent model, you can then select the collection. There seems no batch mode (like My Models with checkboxes on each model thumbnail).


Ah, well that would explain it. Do you think Trimble is aware? Anyone we should be tagging?

I did try that other way but unless it takes quite a while to update, it doesn’t seem to work. Does it for you?


Oh, indeed this way also fails to create the collection and update the page!
The sidebar on the model details page shows an error in “Related Collections”.
Oh deer
Maybe a service is down?


Here as well… Maybe @Barry is back?


It is an issue with pages from the previous and latest version of 3D Warehouse being served.

In the “old new” 3D Warehouse, the red “Upload Model” button leads to a page with two tabs, “Upload Model” and “Create Collection”. Here the collection is successfully created.


Today’s first day back - I’ll check in later today.


Yes, it’s definitely us. Bug filed. Glad you found the workaround per @Aerilius instructions above.


OK, we’ve pushed a fix for this and one other bug. If you still can’t create a collection, it may be cached, so try all the usual cache-clearing methods (2 of my 3 attempts worked, one was cached).


Is it fixed? Looks the same to me. When I click on Create Collection on this page:

I get this page:

Same thing happens if I use this link.

Always goes back to home page.

Clearing cache makes no odds either.


works here (The Motherland) after clearing cache in Chrome. @simoncbevans try deleting the Folder WebCache in /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018


I certainly didn’t do that! Here is what I have in that folder (quite a lot including sub-folders). Is it safe to get rid of all the contents of WebCache?


I also didn’t restart SU or my computer.


It will delete your login information as well, so you will have to re-log in! (3DWarehouse,Trimble,Extension Warehouse)
In situation like this (Like disabling all extensions at once) I will only rename the folder and start SketchUp. This will create the folder again, but then a ;fresh’ one. You can always get back to the old folder by renaming the old and deleting the newly created…


Mike, that worked a treat, thanks.

Do you happen to know how to move an already uploaded model into a collection? It doesn’t seem straightforward but I am probably missing a trick.


It is the plus sign:


which gets you to the adding/removing/creating dialog of collections.

off course you would have to be logged in for it to see your own collections…


I must be being dim again. Here is my page of models. I don’t see your icons on it. Am I in the wrong place?


almost there, click on a model

you can not manage you’re own content in ‘bulk’ it is done per model:

PS ( this is me adding Your Model to My Collection…)

If I log in with another account, which is a featured catalog, I can manage my content far mor easily by downloading a .CSV, alter that and upload it again:


Mike, thanks for your patience. That works!

Your alternative looks interesting. Not sure I have quite followed it but I might try if I start to get a lot of models to manage. I am a little surprised there isn’t an easier way built in, but there you go!


The alternative is a payed one, for manufacturers… or if interested: