3D Warehouse - multiple accounts - How to share privately

I have 2 Trimble accounts. Is there a way to merge them or “share” my specific collection or liked models with the other account? - or with colleagues for that matter.

I have 2 warehouse accounts and I was wondering the same thing.

Pinging @Barry or @psaal

Hi Jessica and Chris. If you would PM me the email addresses you want to merge, and specify which one you want to use as the destination, we’ll merge those for you.


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Sweet! I want keep chris@cfcaia.com and loose cfcaponigro@gmail.com.

In the case the accounts are supposed to remain separated, e.g. representing different people, and you want to share between them, I’d recommend Trimble Connect. Trimble Connect is intended for corporation in teams while 3D Warehouse is intended for sharing publicly.


@eneroth3 I hadn’t thought of it like that. The one I elected to keep was the Trimble account. I was just annoyed by having 2.

I don’t necessarily want to merge them but I wanna t to be able to access both account’s collections. One account is connected to my office the other is personal. Can I share collections between them? I’ll look into Trimble connect.