Importing dxf files to sketchup 2014

Hi guys,

I’m actually trying to trace a building from AutoCad to SketchUp. I just want the borders so that I can build it in SketchUp. I tried tracing the outer line in AutoCad and then exported it in dxf format for SketchUp compatibility.

But once I import in SketchUp I am not able to draw on top of that since an extra line is coming. This happens even after I had used width ‘0’ lines to trace in AutoCad.

If someone has any idea why this is happening or if someone knows an easier way to trace boundaries to SketchUp please do let me know.

Thank You

Import your dwg into SketchUp.
If there was any geometry in the modeling space prior to importing the dwg, then the import is a group.

Tracing on edges in another context (a group or component) superimposes edges, one original inside and the new one outside the group.

Double click on the group, the dwg, delete the “interior” edges and trace just one outer edge th create the whole building’s face.

Note that imported plans may have gabs between edges, (not SketchUp’s fault).This will prevent Sketchup to create a faxce. Carefully check the perimeter of the building.