Importing DEM files in Sketchup 2021

Posting a question about importing a file into a Sketchup for terrain. I have some LIDAR data that I have converted into a geotiff. After conversion to a DEM file, Sketchup reports “DEM Errors: File format not supported:” That’s it.

I’ve tried a couple different ways to create the DEM file from GDAL, QDIS,, GEOTIFF.

Any tips on converting data into something Sketchup can use?

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You can go to SketchUcation, more precisely here:

I don’t see DEM format in the list of supported format by this Universal Importer but you may find one to which you can export your LIDAR data. after that you should be able to import in SketchUp using this plugin.

The subscription to SketchUcation is free.