Importing DAE file results in FAIL


I am exporting DAE out of Revit.
Importing to SU2018 results in failure.
Generally the failure notification is preceded by a notification that textures are missing.
Any help would be appreciated.
SUP 2018
Graphics: Radeon Pro WX 7100
System: (Dell Precision 7720) Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 @ 3.00 GHz, 32 GB RAM


Collada files do not embed textures. Does the Collada file that you want to import have an accompanying folder with textures?

Collada is a text file format that you can open in a text editor. By searching for the texture paths (or their extensions like .jpg or .png), you can check whether the paths are correct and whether the texture files exist there.


But if the DAE does not embed textures, why is the code referencing texture paths?
I don’t need textures; in the past this has worked seamlessly even on very large DAE “models”. Faces come in without texture or color and that’s fine.


Because it does not embed them inside the .dae file. That’s why it references external texture files (by their file paths). That means the .dae is not supposed to be used stand-alone but needs accompagnying texture files (usually in a folder of the same name).

I also remember that unresolved references texture files show a warning box, but do not abort the import of the geometry. So either that changed in 2018 so that import fails, or the .dae file contains another problem that causes the import to fail.


I’m very curious what changed in 2018 for this.
Did you try importing the same DAE file into 2017? What happens then?


No…I don’t have 2017 Pro any longer. We might have a machine around that still has 2017 Make. but then there wouldn’t be parity in the comparison.


I’m sending you a workaround in a private message so that you can test it in 2017. Please post what happens here (in case I need a developer to see it). Thanks!