Importing components drawn different scale

I’m using sketchup pro 2013

I’ve drawn channel roofing beams (cee purlin) using a mm template. Think of them as 2X6’’ 20’ feet long.

They are roofing components. Now that I have the cee purlin drawn (like they come from the supplier) I want to import it into a drawing done on a meter engineering template. And lay them in like rafters.

Is there a question? Are the channel pieces still the same size as you drew them? Are their dimensions changing? If not, go ahead and use meters as your units and place them as needed. If they are the correct dimensions then they should be fine.

Now, if the beams you need in this latest project have different dimensions, you might be able to edit an instance of the component and change those dimensions. It depends on which dimensions need to change. On the other hand, it might just be easier to draw a new C-channel since that’s a very simple thing to draw anyway.

Thank you for your reply DaveR

I needed the small scale (mm) to get down to the radii and gauge of the metal. My excuse anyway.

Let’s forget the scale.

Question? Well I really have too many questions. If I could just do this: ¿I’ve made a component and saved it; now how do I bring that component into another sketchup drawing?

Where did you save it?

I have it in the same directory as the sketchup I want to bring it into.

Use File>Import and import it to get it into the model. Then you can move it into place and copy it as needed.

I thought I tried that but there it is! Looks to scale as well! Thank you!

There should be no scale issue anyway. If you drew it at the correct size in the first place, it should be the same size no matter what units you are using. Switching from feet to meters is only changing which side of the tape measure you are using. It doesn’t change the world.


So how do I grab it and flip it around? Lay it in where I want it. I want to pick it up and carry it around

Mostly use the Move tool. You can move it where you need it and rotate it about its center. Basic SketchUp skills. When you are moving it, grab it by a corner that can be snapped to a point on the building.

Ok! Found the move tool! I do appreciate your guidance very much! Thanks again!

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