Importing collada files

I’ve figured out how to import Colida files. However, when I import them the textures are missing. How do I fix this problem?

Check the In Model materials. Are they shown there? I’ve seen some cases where the materials are actually imported but their opacity is set to 0 so the model looks like it’s just a wireframe. Editing the materials fixes it.

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That sounds like it might be what’s happening. How do I check it, and how do I change it?

Actually, That may not be the problem. When I import something I get a warning that says the textures are missing and it gives me an entire list of the textures that are missing.

Go into the In Model materials to see if there are any. If there are, select one, click the Edit tab and adjust the opacity.

Then that sounds like you haven’t extracted the materials folder from the Collada zip file or you haven’t extract the contents of the zip file correctly.

I went to the 3D Warehouse and got a random component as a Collada file. Inside the zip file there is the .dae file and a folder that contains the materials.

You have to extract the contents of the zip file so that the materials are still inside that folder. If your extraction method removes the folder, the importer won’t find the materials.

Here I’ve extracted the contents of the zip file maintaining the file structure.
Screenshot - 6_25_2024 , 10_30_02 AM

And after importing the .dae file the model looks like this.

That was the problem. I had been deleting that folder because I didn’t understand why it was there. Thank you, DaveR.

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