Importing Autocad Parameters/ Actions



Okay, so I think iv’e painted myself into a corner. I have made a cad plan and for ease of making the plan many of the blocks i made made have parameters/actions in them to make rotating them quicker.

Then of course I went to import this cad into sketchup only for it to fail to import at all. I have worked out Sketchup doesn’t like the fact that these identical blocks have a custom rotation attribute.

I can’t remove the parameter before importing as it defaults the blocks rotation, losing all of my rotating and positioning.
I wonder if there is a way/ format to export the .dwg to something else that will take the custom rotations and then commit the changes to allow me to import into sketchup and still have them classed as blocks/components.

Any ideas anyone?



How are you importing the DWG file into SketchUp? Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make which doesn’t have an option to import DWG files.


You may be out of luck with AutoCad’s Dynamic blocks. The problem is that in a DWG file, dynamic block instances are saved as anonymous blocks (when you look at them in the Properties window in AutoCad, their names will show as an asterisk followed by a hex number). SketchUp doesn’t import anonymous blocks. There is no native AutoCad way to convert anonymous blocks to regular ones. You could try (I have no idea if it will work with your blocks) installing and running a third party AutolLisp plugin(I have used Unanon - google for it) that can do the trick of converting, prior to importing the file to SketchUp.


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