Dwg wall lines don't import




An architect sent me a dwg file with 2D floor plans so that I can do the structural work in SketchUp, but the walls do not import whereas some of the architectural linework does import, such as for the kitchen, bath, steps, etc.

Why would only some linework import from a dwg file?

During import, it looks like a lot of the dwg entities have * _ and $ in the name. Would this fail the import of those layers, or does it have to do with line type or another attribute of the entity?

What should I advise the architecture team to do so they can most easily get me a dwg file that I can import?

I hope to get a better sense of the issue before I approach resolution, thanks so much for your help.

Thank you!


This “smells” of AutoCad Architecture to me. The architect might have used AutoCad Architecture Wall objects to draw them. Those are special objects that no other application can interpret. You should ask the architect to use the “Export to AutoCad” command (the name varies with the ACA/Architectural desktop version) to export their plan into a file that has only normal AutoCad objects (lines, fills, blocks etc.).



Awesome, thanks Anssi!



Thanks again for your help.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck with the export tactic.

I downloaded the trial version of AutoCad (what an intimidating software and a relief that I work in SketchUp).

Do you or anyone else have a few suggestions as to how I can change the wall properties so that they might import into SketchUp?




I believe there is an “AEC Explode” like functionality that you can use to change AEC object to standard geometry and blocks. Here is a help center article about how to prep the dwg for import into SU - http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/38578



Note that these AEC objects can only be exported to standard ones from the application that originated them, so “plain vanilla” AutoCad cannot do it, even if it can display the objects (with the right enabler working in the background).

Post the DWG here if it is not too large, and I or some other with access to AutoCad or AutoCad Architecture could take a look.



Thanks Chris and Anssi, I resolved the issue and successfully imported the floor plans.

The article Chris referenced had the solution:

I selected everything and exploded into blocks, then I selected everything again and exploded into polylines. All of the linework then imported!