Importing AutoCAD files

To reiterate.

ACAD-J-1604-Site.-ACAD2013.dwg (578.1 KB)
J-1604-Site.-2dwg.dwg (735.2 KB)
These are the 2 AutoCAD files I am trying to import.

I get this from the first one.

I may be confused. What plug-in? SketchUp Pro can open DWG files without the need of a plugin.

Just by simply importing? What am I doing wrong?

This from the second. You do have z issues in the dwg.

I tried to use SimLab import plug-in. But the .sl license file they sent me was not recognized.

Have you found the Options button on the Import Dialog?

I was able to import those as well. They are over 10,000 feet tall though, it might be better to import one altitude at a time.

I open a new file, I click on Import. I choose AutdoCAD dwg format, and then Configure and choose Merge… and Orient… and… I get a split second Importing popup window and then the Import Results window pops up and is blank.

Ahh, Mac, I’m out.

Yes, I see Options. It does not offer anything different from what I have already tried.

AYKM? The problem may be that I am on a Mac?

can you attach back a sketchup file with the AutoCAD data?

I’m on Mac too. Here is a version where I moved the 10,000 feet high terrain down to a few hundred feet. See if this file looks correct.

tall dwg.skp (5.2 MB)

Not necessarily, but I have no experience with Mac and so cannot give advise on something like this as the dialogs and such are different…

Yes, wow that is a hilarious mess of a drawing. I live in Bend, OR so altitudes would be around 3500’ if set accurately. But that drawing has so much other junk. How about the other one? I really appreciate you sending these back to me. Its like my own personal plug-in! I am giddy.

I understand. Thanks for trying.

I see now that the two files are very similar. And both have extra junk in them that is from the drafter importing other files in order to copy and paste symbols or whatever. Neither file seems to have what I am looking for, but that is beyond the scope of this forum. I really appreciate all the help.

I’m on a Mac too. Yup, not sure what’s making that bounding box so tall.

I’m lucky in a way that living near sea level, things usually start near elevation zero anyway.