Importing an Image to draw in Sketchup

I’m following along a tutorial in Sketchup and it has to do with Importing an image into the Sketchup model and tracing out the image. When I save the photo and try to Import it into my model, Sketchup says “Importer Not Found”. Any idea what this means and what the solution is?

What file format is the image?

When i click to save the image, it gives me an option to save as AVIF Files or All Files.

Not sure what you’re using to export your images, but no, sketchup doesn’t read AVIF files.

a quick trip to google, looking for AVIF-JPG converter gave me this (first result)

try it and import the jpg instead. It’s the first time I hear about this format, haven’t seen one yet.

Depending on the version, SU will import jpg, png, psd, tga, bmp or tif