Importing a group of models 'inside' a kmz file


I am trying to import a kmz file into sketchup which contains a group of models. However, when I do so, this results in only 1 of the group of models being imported to the scene, so I was wondering if there was a way to get all of the models in the same import? I have imported the file into google earth pro where all the models appear. Any help would be much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Here’s the file: base_name.kmz (8.4 KB)

rename the file to and unzip…

inside the folder are 5 .dae files…

import those…


Hi John,

Thanks, that kinda works, I can now access all of the buildings, but it still seems as if I can only import 1 model at a time this way? I was hoping to be able to import the group of models together into the file so as to save the time as opposed to importing each individual model, as I’ll be importing a lot of models. Don’t know if this can be achieved?


Pete, I adjusted the topic title a little…

there are a few ‘batch import’ type plugins…

like this one >> import_from_folder link

but it would need to have ‘unzipping’ and ‘positioning’ added to the script…

how’s your Ruby coding?


That’s cool, I am basically completely new to ruby, coding wise I have only really done stuff in python and C++, but I don’t know how similar the languages are as to how much that’ll help?


Although they are all “object oriented”, Ruby is more in the family of Smalltalk and ObjectiveC than of C++ or Python. Some concepts will be familiar, such as classes and instances, but others will most likely strike you as cool but very weird and take some learning before you are proficient.

Hey guys,

Basically, I have found a way to group the models together before I export them so that it appears as one collective model and since they are positioned correctly it was then very easy to just import them into sketchup in one big group.

Thanks for all your help though!!
Pete :grinning:

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