Importing .kmz-file only reads one objet

I have a kmz-file containing 2 textured building models created through FME. When opening it in SketchUp it however only reads one model, any ideas why?

How about sharing the KMZ file so we can have a look at it?

A kmz is a zipped archive that may contain multiple files. I suspect that your kmz contains a mix of collada (.dae) and keyhole markup language (.kml) files. SketchUp is not able to import content from .kml, only from .dae.

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Also, I am not certain what SketchUp’s importer will do when a kmz contains multiple .dae files. It’s possible it imports only the first one found.

Test.kmz (75.0 KB)

The kmz indeed contains two .dae model files, and SketchUp imports only one of them. In a dae viewer, they look like below. SketchUp gets the second one. Are they what you expected?


Here’s a 2017 SketchUp file with both of them imported. To make it I unzipped the kmz and then imported the .dae files one at a time. They were originally right on top of each other, so I moved them but you should be able to fix that if needed.

Test.skp (167.9 KB)

I was afraid that SketchUp only reads one of the .dae-files. My final resulting file will have 1000+ models in it so importing them one by one is not the solution for me. I will try to export it differently from FME.