Importing a DWG file

I am trying to import a DWG file from ThingiVerse and it is giving me an error

Any ideas why?

Could you share the file or the link to it? Based on the info you’ve supplied the file is either not really a DWG file or it’s write protected. Not much useful info to go on.

Link to the file area, the file was “Molded_020c_logo.dwg”

But I also tried some of the others with the same error each time.

BTW Thanks for the reply.

I get the same error on the DWG files. It would appear they are corrupt somehow. The STL file imported with no problem, though.

I don’t see an option for importing STL files, where is it?

(Only got Sketchup today)

It’s an additional extension freely downloaded from the EWH.

I also confirm that the DWG is foobar but the STL works just fine…

What TIG said.

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