Importing 3D Models

Sportsbar 3.skp (1.4 MB)

I am having problems importing 3D Models into this drawing, I created it using a 2017 trial package but am now using it in 2018 version, wondering if this is the issue?

Have tried copying and pasting into a fresh document but same result.

When I start a new drawing in 2018, no problems, all works sweet, therefore know I am doing the right thing.

Any ideas…

What sort of problem are you having? You don’t suppose it could be due to the fact that your bar room is about 6 by 7 Kilometers and the things you are importing are scaled for human use?

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:slight_smile: That would probably do it? Apologies, I am a new user!. Any tips for easy way to reduce to correct size? 6300mm x 7100mm. Will undoubtedly resolve it…

Yep. Take the Tape Measure tool and click on each end of an edge, say the one that I dimensioned at 7100 meters. Then type 7100mm and hit Enter.

You’ll need to clean up the model afterward.

You probably want to go into Model Units and change the units to millimeters, too.

You should get into the habit of using groups and components and make sure you have face orientation correct. The blue faces in your model are reversed.


Worked a treat, thanks very much for your assistance with this, appreciated…

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