Imported SU textures change colour when 3D model is imported into MS Office applications

We have started using the new MS Office feature that allows 3D SU models to be imported and placed onto pages within Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This gives our clients the ability to incorporate interactive models within their text-based presentations.

The problem is that textures used within SU change when imported into Office. Red becomes blue and vice versa, orange becomes cyan. Green doesn’t appear to change as much and stays ‘a’ green.

The native SU colours are okay, it’s just imported raster files that aren’t.

I suspect this is a MS issue, but does anyone know of a fix for this either within SU or the MS apps?

Here are example screen grabs to show what I mean.

The first image is taken from sketchup, the second shows the same model imported into Powerpoint.

Notice the colour change between the two.

Can anyone else please do a test to see if the issue is not just at my end?

Import any colourful RGB image into sketchup, save, then insert that model into one of the MS Office apps.

Thanks in advance.

MacOS has something called colour profiles that can differ between applications.

Looks to me like mismatched ordering of the bytes in the color lookup table, e.g. reading bgr instead of rgb, or perhaps a different color representation such as cmyk (typical printing) vs rgb. I don’t have MS office, so I can’t investigate. Perhaps you can poke around to see how it is reading colors from SketchUp.

I’d consider that, but as far as I’m aware the profiles are display or application specific and not system wide. I’ve looked to see if there’s anything within both SU and Office that I can change but neither appear to have any sort of colour settings.

I’ve even considered that it may be a graphics card issue, but until someone else can reproduce the same issue on a different machine, I won’t know.

I agree and I’ll do further investigation.

I had considered altering the texture colours so they were incorrect in SU but viewed correctly in Office - bad idea I know, but even with that idea and years of experience in Photoshop, I can’t accurately transpose the colours without multiple filters and more work than is warranted.