Imported stp/dwg files very laggy

Hi there,

I use Sketchup for a long time. Previously only for private projects, now also at work for professional development and planning of chillers.

as I previously used Sketchup privately, the drawings were never very complex. most of the Components i drawed by my own.

Now I am very reliant on drawings directly from the manufacturer. These are often only available as STEP or DWG drawing.

Importing is not the / a problem. However, if i save the imported Component as skp. the filesize reaches 50 MB and more and seems so complex that Sketchup has its problems.

Company bitzer: Screw compressors

The stp. File have just a few megabytes.

When I now Import this file to sketchup, Orbit is almost no longer possible. Now, however, I need often 2 or 4 of these components. Work is therefore an absolute disaster. What is see is only stuttering. Autosaves take also very long because the file is so big. Send to Layout is even no good idea. loading times more then 10min only for change the Scale are not rare.

The same happens with the most of my used dwg files.
KSB-Pumps (maybe you need an account)

If i do Orbiting faster, Sketchup hides some “geometries” to speed up the movement.

only thing till now i can do is hide these importet Components if i dont need to see it right now

Why is that so?

if i open the stp. eg file. in MeshLab or FreeCAD I have no stuttering.

Sorry for my english :wink:


File size is not necessarily the reason for the model’s laggy-ness. it has much more to do with visible edge count. or material mappings.