Imported PMD file problems


I’m trying to model a person in Sketch up (cause it’s really the only 3d modelling program I know how to use). I’ve taken a PMD base model, imported it into blender and exported it as a dae file. When I open it in Sketch up, it’s a bit weird. There’s the actual model of the person that has white face but then there’s a sort of low res model on top of it that has blue faces and some of the limbs have additional pink faces. I don’t know why this is, but how can I easily get rid of the differently coloured faces?


Nvm I worked it out. If anyone’s wondering:

For each ‘colour’ you want to get rid of, select one face of that type, using right click go to select > same materail then right click > select > bounding edges. Then press delete.


What is a PMD?

It looks like the cyan geometry could be a simplified model used to pose the figure, then the white geometery is a mesh based on the cyan “bones”?

What does the Outliner look like after importing t his model? Is is all loose geometry, or are there components?


PMD and PMX are the two models that Miku Miku Dance uses. I’m trying to model an anime-style character, so I wanted to use a model from it.