How To Import Clean Model In To Blender?

im trying to import with option dae.
Check Image
When i Import in blender using Dae
1st image is from sketchUp and 2nd is from Blender

How To Fix It
Any One Free To Help Me
thanx In Advance

I don’t know why your model is not exporting correctly. But, your model has a lot of reversed faces (the blue faces are reversed). Try fixing that before exporting.

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Can you guide me correct way to import
I try you tube tutorials but not fine
Im using ipad Sketchup app

I don’t know what’s wrong with the export/import. The first problem is that your SketchUp model has reversed faces. To fix that you need to select the reversed faces, right click, and then select, “Reverse Faces”.

There may be other problems with your model. For example, is it all loose geometry or is it composed of components or groups?

If you sort that out, then you can look at export options (DAE, OBJ, etc.).

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There is an extension you can download for Blender for importing and exporting SKP files. might be worth working with that instead of DAE.

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@3DxJFD And @TazSavage Thanx For Solution And Now I Got it. What Is A problem.

but last issue is
in Blender Showing Too Many Vertex Faces And Edges
how to fix this
its last issue i faced after that all is fine

On edit mode Select everything with A, then press M and select by distance. In blender you must work with quads, when you import a model all the faces are going to be triangulated.

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Ah i tried each Way , Not Work

In Blender, go to Edit mode, select everything, go to the Mesh drop down menu, go down to “Clean Up” and select “Limited Dissolve”
Sometimes this will partially clean up a sketchup file

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Ah Finally , its worked
looking better.
some edges not dissolved, i make it manually

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