Imported 3DS' all faces unwantedly stretches to 0,0

Hi I just wonder why my 3DS imported files’ faces Suddenly stretch like this after I do some Open GL fix in my computer? is this even related?

I need this smudges removed


please share the files, both 3ds and skp that you made.

it’s hard to tell precisely what went wrong here, and what these faces are, without clicking on stuff on our end.

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98 BR01 WIC V2.skp (1.4 MB)
Hi Here

The 3DS file I uploaded via we trasnfer coz can’t attach here

When I open more files it happens to every single one of them also so before I open more I’m really wondering how to fix this. Tia!


maybe. depend on what you did.
did you get the last update on your graphics card (not from windows, but directly form amd)?
is SU assigned to use your AMD card ?

is the “OpenGl fix” reversible, and if so, does it revert back to normal ?


ooh, bad sheep on my side. Ok ya i’ll try to revert this back. Thank you!

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rule number one of tinkering with computer stuff, always be prepared to rollback what you did, just in case you broke something else :slight_smile:


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