Import web map

Similar to downloading background satellite imagery, I would like to define a custom server and access to my own web map. Currently I download the images from WMS server to Sketchup to draw over the picture. I would like to draw over the WMS imagery itself.
I realise there are plugins for Satellite imagery and Open Street Map data (Placemaker) but I would like to provide my own web map server.
Can I do that through a plugin in Sketchup Pro?



I expect you could write an importer to do that. Of course it won’t work with the free web version your profile indicates you are using.

Id be happy to upgrade if that is available. How do I “write an importer”?

It would require a Ruby script. You could look at some existing importers from the Extension Warehouse to get some ideas. Maybe post in the Ruby API category.

In what format are the images you want to import from the server? Might just make sense to use the native Import feature and import directly from the server.

Thanks Dave, Im currently using QGIS to extract images from the web map server. Native import accepts only files, but I need a fairly big area, occasionally at high resolution (1:150 scale), which means a huge file needs to be handled by sketchup. Could a dynamic map “layer” work better?
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