Import Vectorworks

Hello, I tried to import a Vectoworks file (dwg) but Sketchup does not recognize it. How can i do?

What version DWG was the file?

The file was not saved as native vectorworks but exported as a .dwg? What does Sketchup say when you try to import? If the .dwg version is too new as suggested above get the sender to resend in an older version or convert it yourself.

It’s from Vectorworkds2019. Actually it opens it but the file is strange, i cannot work on it, like pushing/pulling.

There are most likely no surfaces in the area you are trying to push/pull, just edges. Can you include the Sketchup file here so we can take a look? It the best way to identify what’s happening, it’s the 8th icon across the top.

… and perhaps imports are encapsulated within a component instance ?
You may need to double click it in order to do any edits.

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plan situation existante3.dwg (65.2 KB)
test.skp (153.4 KB)

Yup. I looked at the model.

  1. It is imported as a component, so you need to either explode it, or double-click the instance to enter it’s editing context.

  2. As Riley said, there are no faces for the walls to pull up. You need to draw an edge over one edge in a wall so SketchUp will create the face.