Import template layout

I made a title block in layout on my MacBook when I log in to my iMac it’s not in the templates there. Is there a way to move things between MacBook and iMac ?
I thought it might do it automatically as it’s the same login.


Templates are saved on the internal drive of your computer. If you have your computers setup so you can see one from the other you could fetch the file from the one with the other. Simplest thing to do is open the template where you made it and save it out so you can e-mail it to yourself. Then open it on the other computer and use Save as Template immediately.

Please correct your forum profile. You operating system is not “2023”.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Not sure about the operating system, MacBook is 2023 iMac is 2012, I work on both.

Click on the apple icon at the top left of the screen. You should be able to find the operating system version there. The main point is some things are different between Mac and Windows. Your profile doesn’t help us to know which you are using so when you ask for help, we might give you information for the wrong OS. Or we have to ask you first before we can answer your question or you have to remember to write that you are using Mac every time you post a question. Putting the right (and complete) information in your profile saves you and us work and time.

Ok get you, thanks

So, I’ve emailed it from the MacBook to the iMac and it’s now in my downloads folder. I can’t work out how to move it from here to layout. I couldn’t see a save as template option

So the file you mailed yourself is a Layout file? Open it in Layout then choose File>Save as Template.

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I think so, pdf ? Can’t find a way to either open or save in layout

Why did you export a PDF of your template. Just open the template in LayOut on the computer where you made it. Click on File>Save and save the file someplace like your desktop. Then attach that file to an e-mail and send it to yourself. On your other computer, open the e-mail and download the LayOut file. Open that in LayOut and immediately use File>Save as Template.

In LayOut on the computer where you created the template:
Screenshot - 2_22_2024 , 9_58_47 AM

On the other computer after opening the file in LayOut:

Alternatively you could copy the file to a memory stick on your first cmomputer and move the memory stick to your other computer to get the file.

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Thanks, it’s worked now. Not sure why it didn’t the first time, layout file wasn’t an option I could see the first time.

Presumably since you were using Export instead of Save. The only file type you can get with Save is a LayOut file. The only way you could have gotten a PDF is with Export (or Print to PDF).