Layout templates between versions - stuck

Hello folks. I hope someone can offer me some advice, or a workaround for this problem I have?:
Got an A1 title block from LOp22 (not mine, someone else) anyway, they’ve exported/saveas v2017, but it won’t open in my own LOp v2017. After reading similar threads, I understand that this is an issue some have encountered, but I haven’t seen a solution or workaround that works for me. Can anyone help me get the new version block into the old version layout, somehow?

I should add, I’m confident with SU, not so great on LO, and this is no doubt adding to my problem.

Share the LO file so we can see what you’re working with.

Hello (again) Dave, thank you. I can’t share the file due to company data, which isn’t at all useful, I know, sorry. Inter-office/country politics are strong lol. Do you have any ideas off the cuff that I could try in the meantime? I’ve tried exports, various versions, same with saveas and saveas template, but just can’t get it into 2017…

Hi Dennis. Understood about not sharing it publicly. Can you share it privately? I won’t share it with anyone else. You could click on my name and then “Message”.

Sorry, without seeing it, I don’t have any good suggestions.

Sorry Dave, they’ll not have me release any raw data. Policy to strip all external files as well. Infuriating, I know. Does my head in. I had a brainwave to search YouTube so I’m having a look on there. Lots to see but it’s all a bit random. I’ll update if I see anything that helps.

If it’s only a titleblock like you mentioned in your first post, maybe you can get them to send you a PDF that you can open and use as a reference to create your own.

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Oh that’s a good idea, I didn’t know I could import a pdf to trace over. Lovely. I’ll give that a go. Thank you.
Yeah it is a title block but it’s apparently got everything setup inside just the way they want it, template style, as well as logos and contact details etc, but they don’t want that stuff leaving the office/s because staff were paid to make it. I do understand to a point but it’s not helpful when help is needed. As proven lol.

You can’t import a PDF into LO on Windows but you can make a screen shot of it and import the resulting png or jpg file.

Make a copy of the LayOut file they sent you and change the copy’s file extension to .zip. Then open that zip fie and look in the Ref folder for the logo image and other possible images that would be included. Extract those from the zip file so you can use them in your version of the title block.

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Superb, two tips for the price of one. Thanks Dave, I’ll do these, cheers

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Good luck!