Editing templates in Layout

Not sure whether this is really a Feature Request or not.

There are two things I occasionally want to do with a template: edit and delete.

At present, if I want to edit my default template, I open a new file, make the edit, and then save as template. I have to rename it although what I really want to do is just save it without renaming. If I rename, I end up with the new file that then has to be designated as my default and an old one I no longer need.

All that might not seem too bad if deleting files were easier. But I don’t think you can go into the template picker and delete from there. You probably have to navigate to the original folder and do it “manually”.

I may just be doing all this wrong. If I’m not, then I guess my Feature Request is to make it possible to overwrite a template without renaming or other faffing around, and to make it easier to delete templates in one central location.

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I just go to the folder where my template is stored, load the file, edit it and save it.

I think that it’s that way in all of my programs I can think of that use templates. Admittedly, tracking down where programs store their template files can be a chore.

Thanks, Rich, I did wonder if maybe that was the way. I’ll try it next time.

I just thought there ought to be an easier way to do whilst in the program rather than having to find your way to buried folders.

if you use the same name, it would prompt the ‘file already exists’ message.

Part of the problem is that you may forget the name of your default template. It simply comes in as Untitled.

If you open the template from the file location as Rich suggests, the file won’t be named Untitled and there should be no need to remember it when saving it.

Screenshot - 5_15_2021 , 6_33_18 AM

Screenshot - 5_15_2021 , 6_33_48 AM

It only opens as Untitled if you open it as your template. Rich is suggesting opening it like a LayOut project file.

(File)names are displayed in the welcome screen under ‘My Templates’

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