Import Solid Porblems

Dear All

I have one issue with Solid inspector, I imported one model CAD 3D into Skecthup. I use Solid inspector but it not fix and show message below

Please help me to slove this issue

Thanks so muchSolid check.skp (334.1 KB)

The best way to solve your issues would be to take the time to learn the basics of the program.


You have an over-the-top amount of small geometry in the tapered conical sections, which may be pushing SketchUp’s threshold of 0.001" for adjacent vertices even though your model is scaled up. Do you really need that much detail? How did you generate it?

My guess would be that the edge of the triangular face is perfectly straight whereas the edge of the conical section has a minuscule kink in it somewhere. It would very likely be easier to redraw the cone with less detail than to find such a kink!

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It’s fundamentally a poorly constructed model, not worth the time it takes to “fix.” Try an approach like this:

Ask specific followup questions, if necessary.



The change between Gully’s third and fourth stages illustrates a basic point about SketchUp: its soften and smooth operations are designed to create a visually smooth surface even when the underlying geometry is faceted. Similarly, its materials texture mappings can visually simulate detail on a simpler surface.

In every case, you need to be aware of how much detail you really need, and to draw with the minimum sufficient for whatever you will ultimately do with the model. Excessive geometry causes large model files and slows down the operation of SketchUp. It can also make the model hard to work with by creating too many possible inference snap points near where you want to draw.

In some cases (e.g. if you will export the model to a photorealistic renderer or a 3D printer) you may need to play around a bit with the geometry to find the structure that creates the fewest artifacts. Ray-tracing renderers are vulnerable because two adjacent flat surfaces can reflect disjoint parts of the surroundings.

The very nature of importing a cad file into sketchup can be the source of your problems.
Learning to draw within the program rather than importing other files will make life much easier.