Import Revit file to show clear glass

Hi - I use Revit at work and like to export 3D models to ACAD and then import into SketchUp. I use Enscape for SketchUp for renderings. Problem is that when I bring the model into SketchUp glazing comes in as opaque. Any way to bring this in so that the glass is transparent without having to go through and click into each glass pane to turn it to transparent glass?



add the transparency in the Materials panel…

i.e. select the ‘in model’ material for editing and move the slider…

mac gif…



Why not use Enscape directly from Revit?

I do sometimes. I use it at work with Revit but don’t have Revit at home so I use Sketchup a lot. I also prefer modeling in SketchUp for quick concept design over Revit.