Import plugin for 3ds max models

Is there a plugin for schetchup where you can import 3ds max model?

No. The 3DS Max file format is proprietary to Autodesk and you have to have the 3D Studio Max application to open it.

“Universal importer” by Samuel Tallet allows you to import (and reduce) geometries from about fifty 3D formats including 3ds (not .max)
More information on Sketchucation


FYI: SketchUp does have a native .3ds importer. (Never tried it.)

well it is actually a 3dstudio max object that I have that I would like in fbx format.
But I don’t have the program 3dstudiomax.

So now I’m looking for a way to convert this file.

I am afraid that you are out of luck. You must probably find a friend who has Max and ask him/her to convert it for you. If you are desperate you can buy the minimum amount of Autodesk Flex points (here in Finland it is 100 points at 321 €), install 3DSMAX and convert it yourself (6 points per day of use). I don’t know if they sell it in smaller instalments elsewhere.